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Travel Trends 2023: Insights From Readers of the World’s Top Travel Publications

BY: Diane di Costanzo
PUBLISHED: 9/11/2023

Because we’re embedded in North America’s largest print and digital publisher, Foundry 360 has access to up-to-the minute data on where consumers are traveling — as well as where they want to go next. Here are the top seven travel trends gleaned from readers of Travel + Leisure, TripSavvy and Food & Wine, among other influential brands, along with how this might inform your content strategy.

Italy for the Win

Among international destinations, Italy takes the top spot among American travelers. Fans of the hit series White Lotus are keen to visit Sicily, especially the seaside city of Taormina, while Rome was the overall favorite Italian destination.

Content Implication: Cultural trends greatly impact consumers' wants and needs. A good content strategy is flexible enough to react in real time, shifting as trends evolve.

All Aboard!

Post-pandemic, cruises have regained — even surpassed — their prior popularity, with 60% of readers planning a cruise and 48% of would-be cruisers looking at river excursions. 

Content Implication: Analyzing search trends is an important part of super-serving your consumers.

Hotels Are Back

When booking family travel, parents now prefer hotels over home rentals, 74% vs. 43% of the time.

Content Implication: Make sure that you truly understand your consumer and develop your content  to embrace their intentions. Good content marketing cuts to the core of their preferences — as the rationale between choosing a hotel or a home rental.

All in on Fall

Travelers with kids don’t always get to choose. But for child-free travel, fall is the way — and time — to go, with a full 82% of affluent travelers now choosing fall over any other season.

Content Implication: Consider the changing needs of consumers as you develop your content strategy and make sure you can meet them with helpful content at every step.

See You in the City!

Travelers are looking for high concentrations of cultural attractions — restaurants, shows and museums — that only big cities can provide. Among affluent travelers, 59% cited large cities (including New York City, LA and Chicago) as their top types of destinations vs. 40% in 2021.

Content Implication: In this world of instant information, content needs to be quick, engaging and timely. Think about content types — listicles, infographics or imagery — to better connect with audiences who want to experience the next big thing. 

Let's Eat

Culinary activities, vineyard visits and cooking classes are the top choices for 86% of travelers surveyed.

Content Implication: Lifestyle content matters to consumers. Make sure you have content topics and themes that connect with their interests to help your brand’s content stand out. Creating an editorial lineup is a key step toward an effective content strategy.

Granny's Coming Too!

Multigenerational travel is booming, as families look to reconnect after time apart. Although finding destinations and accommodations suitable for big groups can be a challenge, 1 in 3 travelers are planning a multigen vacay.

Content Implication: Content imagery in travel can be as important as any other content marketing decision you make. Ensure that the  images you select support the story you are telling.

Consumers are flooded with choice and standing out in the noise can be tricky. Understanding search trends and where your brand can win in the keywords and right-to-voice race can make all the difference. A strong marketing strategy partner can also go a long way!

Please contact for detailed information about these trends and for many others. Foundry 360 uses these insights to build industry-leading content marketing programs that move business forward.

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