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BY George Baer III, Dan Rubin, Paula Giroux, Renée Lauber, Marco Zuccarello, Robin Riddle, Diane di Costanzo & David Matt

Foundry 360’s content marketing experts share their predictions for industry trends in 2024.

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BY Diane di Costanzo, Marco Zuccarello, Robin Riddle, Dan Rubin, George Baer III, Paschal Fowlkes, David Matt and Henry Hackett

In January, Foundry 360’s experts offered their takes on what to expect this year as content marketing continues to evolve. Now that we’re halfway through 2023, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at our experts’ predictions and assess how they’ve held up.


With all the hype around AI, we decided to ask ChatGPT what it thinks about content marketing and the impact AI will have in the industry.

BY Dan Rubin & Henry Hackett

When you live and breathe content marketing strategy every day, it’s easy to get mired in the process and lose track of the incredible amount of innovation that is seemingly happening all at once. We are in the midst of another technological transformation in content and content marketing, this time driven by automation. It reminds me of how much automation impacted digital advertising a few years back… 

BY Jason Anthony

It writes jokes and sermons. It knows how to use a semicolon. Is ChatGPT the next member of your team?

BY Diane di Costanzo, Marco Zuccarello, Robin Riddle, Dan Rubin, George Baer III, Paschal Fowlkes and David Matt

Our content marketing experts got together to give their takes on what to expect in 2023 as the industry continues to evolve.

BY Diane di Costanzo

After attending this year’s Content Marketing World, we’ve decided to share this wealth of knowledge gleaned and list the top tips, trends, and insights we took home with us.

BY Josh Lerman

An unsettled landscape calls for smart content. Here are some ways to keep talking to your customers no matter what the world is doing.

BY Dan Rubin & Robin Riddle

Here are 10 emerging tactics—and best practices—that will be key this year.

BY Isabel Tibbetts

This now-classic communication tool is enjoying a resurgence and proving to be a content haven for readers, publishers, and brands alike.

BY Jason Anthony

The rules for health care messaging are tricky, but research from the past year can make us all a little wiser.

BY Diane Dicostanzo

Two case studies prove that if you want to engage your consumers with an immersive “lean-back” content experience, nothing beats a print magazine.

BY Dan Rubin

Event Marketing has changed forever. Learn how to adapt to a new normal and how events, both physical and virtual, now intersects with content marketing. Hybrid events are here to stay.

BY Mark Marvel

Siri and Alexa usher in a new digital frontier—and a new way for brands to reach their audiences.

What do artificial intelligence, content to commerce and voice search have in common? They’re just some of the ways brands will click with consumers in the years ahead.