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With the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps no sector was more affected than the travel industry. With companies shuttering their offices, business travel came to a complete halt. With that, Marriott needed to shift their priorities – and for the first time, orient their business and marketing towards the leisure traveler. With this shift, Marriott needed to up their game quickly, and needed a content partner that could build consumer friendly content that would engage and encourage travelers to get back on the road, and into their hotels.


Foundry 360 built an “always on” content studio that created customer-centric content (that inspires travel) for almost 200 destinations…in less than 14 weeks. From itineraries and day trips to original video and original photo shoots, Foundry 360 re-powered Marriott’s content channels and helped them get travel started again.


Always On Content Studio:

  • 199 domestic destination guides
  • 15 original photo shoots
  • 10 original video shoots
  • 2,000+ visuals

Marriott added a program extension after the success of the original project, adding:

  • 14 international destination guides
  • 3 original photo shoots
  • 200+ visuals
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