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Top Takeaways From Content Connect 2024

Foundry 360 took the lead in the content marketing conversation when it partnered with Knotch to host Content Connect 2024. Unlike other events, this was a conference exclusively for senior content marketing leaders who attended to discover new content strategies that combine creativity, storytelling, and business results. There were many memorable moments and takeaways, but these are our top 10 (in no particular order):

Welcome to The Content Marketing Prom. The leaders in our industry span finance, pharma, non-profit, travel, tech, and more. However, there hasn’t been a shared space where they can share their vision on how they are transforming content marketing. Enter Content Connect 2024. Jenn Eldin nailed it when she said she feels like the conference was the “content marketing prom.”

The Importance of Creative Excellence and the Best Measurement Platform. Successful content needs both immersive storytelling and actionable measurement. That’s why Foundry 360 and Knotch came together to launch The Yard for John Deere. This digital and print editorial brand combines expert lifestyle content designed for a male audience with a tailored content measurement program. And it’s all measured with Knotch’s leading measurement platform. This allowed the team to create a performance-based content marketing strategy that is already hitting key metrics.

Organization Design. The approach to organizing enterprise content teams is still in flux. Because of the high-level stature of each attendee, the conversation also covered how content teams are organized for optimal success. The net-net seemed to be that there wasn't a standard approach–and that’s okay as long as organizational innovation continues to press forward.

Rolling Up Our Sleeves. The workshops showed that this group can both steer the conversation and be fluent in content marketing mechanics. Everyone got to roll up their sleeves and dive into one of three engaging topics: 1) content as the catalyst across the customer journey, 2) quantifying content’s impact via measurement frameworks, or 3) the role AI can play in content marketing. (And let me tell you, there was not a lot of space to roll up those sleeves at each workshop, as it was shoulder-to-shoulder standing room only!)

The Networking. Let’s admit it, this is the main reason why we go to conferences. The buzz during the breaks showed that our goals are shared regardless of industry, size, and remit. True decision-makers who are shaping the content experience for their brands were looking for creative solutions and strong partners.

Finding the Optimal Balance Between Art and Science. The research we conducted showed that there is no universal content format that works for everyone–but that preferences do not significantly vary across generations. The complexity of the information and the category being covered are just as crucial as the consumer's age in determining the appropriate format.

The Question of AI. No one can predict the future, but the content marketing industry is embracing all of AI’s potential as a key component in the months and years to come. The honest conversations that Knotch led in the two workshops “The Role AI Can Play In Content Marketing” and “The Future of Mar Tech,” led by Brian Andresen to the same conclusion: that content marketers in charge of enterprise content have to continue to innovate with AI’s potential. This conversational thread started with versioning, workflow, and optimizations, but it was clear that we are in the very early days and that guardrails are needed.

The Challenge. Capturing measurement signals leads to great content strategies. Acknowledging what content is truly working for your outcomes takes a thick skin. No piece of content by itself can achieve goals–content marketing is the fuel of the customer journey. Don’t be precious about what you like. Listen to the data.

The Audience. Content marketing is successful when it is audience-first. And just like content marketing itself, we wanted Content Connect 2024 to also be about our guests. The positive social chatter around #ContentConnect2024 after the event has been mind-blowing and extremely rewarding. Foundry 360 will continue to be audience-first in everything we do. You have inspired us and challenged us to be even better. Thank you to everyone who attended!

True to the conference itself, this is just the beginning.

What stood out to you from Content Content 2024? Let us know on LinkedIn!

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