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A Quantitative Study To Determine Optimal Content Formats

PUBLISHED: 4/11/2024

Foundry 360, with the help of the Dotdash Meredith research team, surveyed 2700 Americans from three distinct generations — Gen Z, Millennials & Gen X to determine which content formats consumers require to help them take decisive action across a myriad of actions within their life. 

Across every industry, content impacts every decision along the customer journey. But how can marketers determine which content format to use in a world where customers have less and less time to achieve their needs? Should marketers use Articles, Listicles, Infographics, Videos, Quizzes or Custom Magazines or some combination? 

TLDR: The answer is always a combination of factors such as generation, complexity of information needed, and subject matter. But, there are guidelines that we uncovered.

Foundry 360 sheds the light on these questions in our newest whitepaper, “A Quantitative Study to Determine Optimal Content Formats”, which was revealed at Content Connect 2024, the first-of-its-kind conference all about Content Marketing, produced & hosted by Foundry 360 & Knotch.


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