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BY Suzanne Sugar

Creating content at scale to suit your consumers needs can be a challenge in the world of recipes. Set yourself apart from competitors by following our guide to a smartly-crafted content marketing program.

BY David Matt

(PS: If It Doesn’t, Are People Engaging With It?)

WHAT CAN Foundry 360 DO FOR YOU?
BY Robin Riddle

Content marketing can work effectively at every stage of the funnel and suit many purposes — provided you have a clearly defined strategy to help guide you.

BY Robin Riddle

Content marketing can be used to support the full customer journey but with proper planning marketers can scale programs to suit their needs and budgets

BY Robin Riddle

Without a clear understanding of what you are setting out to achieve, measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing is near impossible. You can fix this problem by following these simple steps.

BY Robin Riddle

Following our simple guide will help you to better understand the differences between terms like voice and tone, and why it’s important to define your right to voice and the content pillars for your program.

BY Robin Riddle

A content strategist shares his tips for creating the foundation of an effective content program. In Part 1 below we share a behind the scenes look at creating a successful content strategy. Part 2 describes the inputs and outputs.

BY Robin Riddle

We outline the five inputs needed to create an effective content strategy and show you how to organize your strategy into six clear sections.

Marketers have arguably never faced a more challenging set of circumstance than they faced over the past 12 months. Find out what we have learnt during that time and how you can apply those insights to your content marketing program.

BY Julie Anne Russell and George Baer III

Yes, it can give your company the upper hand in a content-driven world. But making it fit requires putting your audience first.