The Intent-Based Content Marketing Agency

BY Diane di Costanzo

How Foundry 360 can help your brand avoid costly mistakes—and succeed in building and sustaining a successful content marketing program.

BY Jason Anthony

It writes jokes and sermons. It knows how to use a semicolon. Is ChatGPT the next member of your team?

WHAT CAN Foundry 360 DO FOR YOU?
BY Jonathan Whitbourne

See why content licensing offers the best of all worlds when it comes to marketing strategy.

BY Robin Riddle

A 5-step guide to creating great content marketing by better understanding the three different types of intent used in SEO.

BY Dan Rubin

Develop a content strategy that specifically pertains to your business and marketing objectives, even if it goes against the grain.

BY Robin Riddle

Never go to your doctor when what you really need is a dentist.

BY Dan Rubin

Content & PR agencies don’t have to be frenemies. Based on our experience, we’re cut from the same cloth, but, just where do the two diverge?

BY Kelly Meehan Brown

Don’t underestimate the power of the e-newsletter. Level up your email marketing strategy, get into their inbox and stay top of mind with these five tricks.

BY Marco Zuccarello

Explore the top four content elements that can help your healthcare content marketing strategy.

BY Dan Rubin

What’s the difference? Which one serves your brand best?

BY Suzanne Sugar

Worried about how rising prices might impact your marketing efforts? Read on.

BY Isha Sharma

Consumers — all consumers — want to see themselves reflected in your brand’s imagery. Here’s how to make sure your visuals represent your brand’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

BY Diane Di Costanzo

Every strong content marketing strategy combines art and science, but what if a third element is at play? Bring technology into the mix for a formidable approach. Check out our favorite tools below!

BY Marco Zuccarello

The top three reasons why licensed content should be in your health care content marketing mix

BY Randy Abair

Digital marketing is characterized by constant and continuous change, but through it all, search engine optimization (SEO) remains among the most impactful components of any comprehensive online marketing strategy.

BY Isabel Tibbetts

Marketing to Gen Z is more important than ever, but capturing their attention in this competitive landscape is no small feat for content marketers.

BY Suzanne Sugar

Creating content at scale to suit your consumers needs can be a challenge in the world of recipes. Set yourself apart from competitors by following our guide to a smartly-crafted content marketing program.

BY David Matt

(PS: If It Doesn’t, Are People Engaging With It?)

BY Robin Riddle

Content marketing can work effectively at every stage of the funnel and suit many purposes — provided you have a clearly defined strategy to help guide you.

BY Robin Riddle

Content marketing can be used to support the full customer journey but with proper planning marketers can scale programs to suit their needs and budgets

BY Robin Riddle

Without a clear understanding of what you are setting out to achieve, measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing is near impossible. You can fix this problem by following these simple steps.

BY Robin Riddle

Following our simple guide will help you to better understand the differences between terms like voice and tone, and why it’s important to define your right to voice and the content pillars for your program.

BY Robin Riddle

A content strategist shares his tips for creating the foundation of an effective content program. In Part 1 below we share a behind the scenes look at creating a successful content strategy. Part 2 describes the inputs and outputs.

BY Robin Riddle

We outline the five inputs needed to create an effective content strategy and show you how to organize your strategy into six clear sections.

BY Julie Anne Russell and George Baer III

Yes, it can give your company the upper hand in a content-driven world. But making it fit requires putting your audience first.