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Reframe Announces an Alliance with Foundry 360 to Deliver Culturally Inclusive Customer Experiences at Scale with America’s Premier Content Marketing Agency Backed by America’s Largest Digital & Print Publisher

November 15, 2022, New York, NY - Reframe, the first tech-enabled change management platform for marketing and HR professionals, is collaborating with Foundry 360, Dotdash Meredith’s award winning custom content studio for clients’ owned and operated channels, to help build more inclusive and cultural customer experiences with audience-first content that modernizes the outdated practice of “general market and multicultural marketing."

Reframe and Foundry 360 share common values around inclusion and content that is audience-first, based upon accurate insights and resourceful to both consumers and businesses alike. Which is why they are teaming up to better connect brands with their customers and help the content marketing industry solve a decades old problem of falling into opting for buying services that are segregated based on race and identity or better known as the ‘general’ market and ‘multicultural’ industry segments.

Traditionally, content marketers and brands have struggled with producing effective inclusive marketing and customer experiences particularly for diverse audiences, due to the lack of cultural intelligence they have for the audience they are serving. While there's been progress in culturally transforming the content marketing industry, there's still work to be done.

Foundry 360 and Reframe are coming together to offer brands inclusive customer experience design services and content delivery leveraging Reframe's Inclusive Customer Experience™ (ICX) which helps build audience first content solutions based on cultural insights throughout the customer journey that shift attitudes and behaviors at scale to make brands more inclusive and authentic. Backed by Dotdash Meredith’s vast resources, Foundry 360 brings decades of experience in creating content marketing programs that provide the information that consumers trust and clients need to propel their business forward.

"We are eager to work with Foundry 360 to scale our inclusive customer experience offering,” said Jeffrey L. Bowman, Reframe founder and CEO. "The old approaches of multicultural marketing and the general market approach within the content marketing industry fall short of the mark. It may address the symptom but not the underlying cultural underpinnings and structural shifts that are essential to affecting meaningful change."

“Jeffrey and the team at Reframe have pioneered a change management approach that will help Foundry 360 deliver even more authentic and more inclusive customer experiences through content at scale to all of our clients,” said George Baer III, Senior Vice President at Foundry 360. “Consumers are craving diversity and inclusivity across all points of the customer journey, and this partnership will help us deliver squarely on those needs.”

The combination of Reframe’s strategic services with Foundry 360’s content marketing offerings and expertise will provide clients with an opportunity to deliver content-based, inclusive experiences that are rooted in cultural insights across diverse audiences and modernizes a brand's purpose and why.

To learn more about this partnership and ways to work with Foundry 360 and Reframe to accelerate scalable growth and sustainable change through inclusive customer experiences, contact us.

About Reframe

Reframe is the first tech-enabled change management platform that helps build inclusive employee and customer experiences at scale. Through the company's patent-pending cultural maturity assessment and change operating system, Reframe helps C-Suite executives culturally transform the workplace and marketplace by enabling them to accelerate change, growth, and personalization. Learn more at  

About Foundry 360

Foundry 360 creates content marketing programs for brands’ owned and operated channels. Relying on a “Brand As Publisher” methodology, we leverage Dotdash Meredith’s resources, data and expertise to deliver the value consumers want and the quality our clients need to propel their business forward. Foundry 360 is part of Specialty Marketing Solutions at Dotdash Meredith.

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