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The Move From Digital to IRL Experiences

Brands that utilize experience marketing recognize that every touch point with a brand is valuable, and that experiences that move customers from digital to in-real-life experiences need to be part of the brand in an authentic way. They’re radically reimagining what content is—for example, Zappos’ summer-long “backyard party” campaign that brought pop-up stores to cities around the country. Suddenly, the web-only company became a company with a bricks-and-mortar store in your town—for at least a day.

Or look at Netflix’s acquisition of the iconic Paris Theatre in Manhattan. Netflix is using the theater to showcase its own content and simultaneously make it more viable for awards. The theater expands the company’s domain, providing value to consumers, while seamlessly combining an IRL experience with what is at its core: a business built on your staying home on the couch. Plus, the move has preserved a cherished New York destination—a boon to the city’s movie lovers and visitors alike—proving that blending new and old ideas seamlessly is a smart move in the 2020s.

The takeaway: IRL contact with your customers is a formidable form of content marketing.

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