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AI-Powered Data and Content Creation

AI is already transforming the online experience. You might have read news today about your local minor league baseball team and never realized it was written without human input—part of an ongoing trend from The Associated Press, Yahoo and other outlets to lean on an algorithm to craft a story. Chat bots are another example of AI-powered content in the wild. Companies use them to mimic conversation in Facebook Messenger, for example, or to offer immediate support on their websites. No online forms, email or (truly antiquated) phone calls necessary.

The rise of AI is also poised to focus content marketers on successful content strategy by parsing data more quickly and effectively than any human could. These tools can deftly sort through a mountain of data—the types of content consumers enjoy, the platforms they use, what they want to know about your company—and allow marketers to assign consumers to specific content segments. With AI-generated profiles, marketers can focus their energies on creating what consumers want and increasingly expect: relevant content that feels customized to them.

The takeaway: Focused data means more effective content.

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