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Impactful Short Films

Conventional branded videos have evolved into short films that put the focus on the story, not the product. An emotional connection with the viewer takes the front seat. Take, for example, a recent series from the Foundry for Ram trucks, in which drivers try out a Ram truck for a day and leave their rival brand in the garage. Complete with a host and real-life truck owners putting Ram to the test, this series has the allure of a reality competition rather than the slickness of an ad.

Or take the short film by luggage company Tumi. Lenny and Zoë Kravitz take a father-daughter trip to the Bahamas to explore their heritage—with, naturally, luggage in tow. Beauty, adventure and a family connection combine to create a cinematic moment. The aim of such films and series is clear: to captivate an audience, give them an emotional experience and demonstrate a brand’s values—without saying a thing explicitly.

Perhaps most importantly, while trends like voice search are still developing, video is right now. Your customer is without a doubt watching video—after all, near total market saturation of smartphones means a video screen in the hands of just about every adult in the country. And surveys show that more than half of consumers want to see more video content from brands they follow or support.

The takeaway: Meet your audience wherever they are and utilize the emotional power of film to captivate and connect.

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