The Intent-Based Content Marketing Agency

Our Formula

At Foundry 360, we use Science & Art to Capture the Hearts of our clients’ consumers. While being a catchy phrase, it’s also a real formula that we deploy to keep our content fresh, relevant, and successful.

As a content marketing agency, we are in a unique position because of our access to millions of consumer insights taken from our parent company, Dotdash Meredith, America’s largest publisher. That, combined with years of award-winning content creation expertise, has helped countless brands elevate their storytelling, visual identity, and consumer connections.

Now, what do we mean by “Science”, “Art” and “Capturing the consumer's Heart”? 

Glad you asked! Below you'll find just some of the elements that underpin our formula:

The Science: Data First Mentality

The Art: Content for Humans by Humans

Capturing the Heart: Driving the Outcomes Your Business Requires

Reach out so we can share with you how Science & Art can Capture the Heart of you consumers!

Business Objectives

We have proven success answering our clients' marketing objectives.
We understand how SEO and content marketing work together and why optimization is such an important factor for driving traffic to a specific piece of content. While we are not a specialist SEO agency, we do have a deep understanding of SEO and its importance for content that’s created for your owned and operated channels.
At Foundry 360, we’re highly experienced in crafting the right approach based on numerous factors, from target audiences and market dynamics to brand positioning and business goals, our proprietary methodology is customized to your needs.
Generate increased awareness for your brand through Foundry 360’s “Brand As Publisher” approach . Whether it’s revitalizing an existing content program or going back to the drawing board for a more complete overhaul of your content marketing efforts, we have the tools to deliver.
A Dotdash Meredith study found that 60% of people are more inclined to seek out a product if they’ve previously encountered content specific to that product and at Foundry 360, we have a proven record of purchase conversion, driving ROI and helping clients upsell consumers
Thought leadership often sits at the crux of any effective and engaging content marketing plan. Here at Foundry 360, we regularly generate proactive content pieces powered by our expert editorial team to continuously push brands forward. Having produced an average of 200+ assets per year, we’re prepared to establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry
As times change and trends shift, brands need to adapt to remain current and top-of-mind. That’s why Foundry 360 has worked with 100+ brands to successfully redefine their brand by modernizing their content marketing initiatives. Whether it’s tweaking your brand voice or a complete overhaul, Foundry 360 has the resources to help
Foundry 360 is well versed in using content to drive upsell for brands seeking to increase average order size and diversify revenue across product lines. With proven success at all stages of the funnel, we have the tools to bring consumers from a point of general awareness to the point of purchase
The ‘Brand as Publisher’ model is at the core of Foundry 360’s methodology when creating content marketing strategies. Our belief lies within the editorial power of audience-first, well-crafted content. Our ideology centers around the notion that a brand can relay trusted, accurate and interesting content. With our expert team, we produce and publish content to serve your consumers’ needs, shift and shape perceptions and drive actionable business outcomes
WHAT CAN Foundry 360 DO FOR YOU?


A sample listing of the services we offer to help your content strategies succeed.
Finally, brands can tap into a single partner that builds inclusive customer & employee strategy with insights that inform award-winning content at scale. Foundry 360 and Reframe have joined forces to offer brands a holistic approach - covering strategy, content development and activation - to deliver inclusive experiences with audience-first content that modernizes the outdated practice of separate “general market and multicultural marketing”.
Finding compelling content shouldn’t be hard. Our licensed solutions make it easy. Power your digital, print, social, and point-of-care channels with premium content from America’s most influential brands. Driven by Meredith proprietary insights and audience data, our team of content strategists create customized licensed solutions that will resonate with your audience and motivate them to take action.
Foundry 360 applies its editorial and journalistic pedigree to create expressive, immersive brand storytelling to elevate awareness and achieve business goals. Our process is anchored in audience insights that uncover the intersections between interests and passions to create content that engages, entertains, and educates to drive behavior action. Importantly, our content works equally for audiences and businesses alike. We drive the business outcomes our clients require and their consumers expect from leading brands.
With access to With access to Dotdash Meredith’s robust proprietary insights into the minds of consumers, Foundry 360 can assist you in developing full marketing and content strategy for your company or brand. From complete overhauls of existing content strategies to imaginative and transformative content consulting services, we drive strategic thinking that puts organizations on a path toward success.
Our award-winning team creates custom videos tapping into the breadth of Dotdash Meredith’s capabilities, including industry-leading research and insights, rich content resources, and access to top creative and production talent. Our video capabilities drive to clients’ core brand objectives and KPIs for distribution across any platform.
An effective message takes the right, creative approach. Foundry 360 houses a state-of-the-art animation studio that brings a fresh approach to your video-based content strategies and solutions, delivering inspiring and creative solutions to all mediums.
Deploy a content-specific strategy to power your CRM and email campaigns that drives real results from either your audience or the Dotdash Meredith consumer database. Foundry 360 has decades of experience in developing award-winning CRM and email programs.
Voice and audio are among the fastest growing marketing mediums with ever increasing adoption by users. A voice strategy and a robust test-and-learn plan is essential to reaching and engaging consumers. From podcasts to search, the future of content strategies involve voice, and we craft voice-skill strategies tied to content-led campaigns. Don’t leave Alexa, Google Home or Siri out of your plans—it’s how your customers find information.
Social is a mirror into the pulse of culture. Our passion, curiosity and expertise can help drive your presence in this ever-evolving channel, as we specialize in building social-first content strategies for our partners.
Utilize Foundry 360’s strategy, design, editorial, and UX teams to create a best-in-class digital experience that engages audiences and drives business results.
Ensuring a genuine and positive point-of-sale experience can capture consumers and promote transaction then and there. Foundry 360 can help drive product purchase at specific retailers and locations with an array of proven, measurable tactics.
With just a snippet of code, you can quickly deploy a turnkey recipe discovery experience that seamlessly integrates into your website, giving your audience the ability to make finding the perfect recipe as easy as pie - or pot roast.
Content distribution services that put your brand in the hands of your target. We distribute your materials in a variety of trusted environments, engaging consumers and driving conversations. Want to reach future brides at wedding venues? Or students at colleges and universities? Ask us how we can help you reach your target audience!
With access to Dotdash Meredith’s nine test kitchens, we craft customized, branded recipes that prove invaluable to consumers and business alike. Then, we can seamlessly photograph, shoot video and create cross-channel experiences to promote your new recipes that drive business results.
We still believe the mailbox delivers results, and work with many brands to develop smart direct mail programs. We have direct access to Dotdash Meredith consumers and can help brands reach this powerful buying group or look for other audience segments that meet your brand’s needs. Either way you can get access to our expert direct mail specialists.
Research and analytics are at the heart of Foundry 360. Combining both qualitative and quantitative techniques we use data to fuel both content development and optimization once programs are live. Leveraging Dotdash Meredith’s industry-leading data capabilities and proprietary data allows our clients to reach success faster.
WHAT CAN Foundry 360 DO FOR YOU?

Industry Experience

Our deep vertically-oriented expertise means we can hit the ground running for you.
Foundry 360 has deep content expertise & multi-year relationships servicing food and agriculturally focused companies. Born out of Dotdash Meredith’s longest published magazine, Successful Farming, Foundry 360 is rooted firmly in the farming sector, thus creating: Foundry 360 Food & Agriculture. With 40+ brands in our wheelhouse, we’re well-equipped to deliver award-winning content to suit your food and ag content marketing needs.
Financial services clients have been a bedrock to Foundry 360’s success for over a decade. Whether your content strategy needs a complete overhaul, an upgrade or a simple deliverable, our expert team is prepared to deliver groundbreaking solutions for both B2B and B2C initiatives.
Foundry 360 has long-standing relationships with major health and pharmaceutical brands, prompting the creation of Foundry 360 Health & Wellness. For more information, check out the designated Health & Wellness site to get started.
Foundry 360 knows consumer goods, with clients and experience covering all things CPG. Supporting products that serve daily needs to those that are luxury items, we house, develop and built content marketing strategies. Foundry 360 leverages Dotdash Meredith’s extensive insights and crafts a strategy designed to target your brand’s intended audience and drives consumers to the path-to-purchase, both in-store and online.
From supporting OEM’s and dealers, to car launches and service programs, Foundry 360 has been creating content for our partners in the auto industry for more than 15 years. Whether it’s video, print or a custom channel to serve consumers’ needs, Foundry 360 has done it all.
Dotdash Meredith brands guide and serve shoppers, and Foundry 360 sits in a unique position with the power to craft your content marketing strategy and leverage the data and insights from our larger parent company. Foundry 360 is experienced in delivering award-winning content to serve your brand and KPI’s.
As part of Dotdash Meredith, Foundry 360 has access to insights generated from brands who are the #1 authority on women in the U.S., reaching 94% of all women and 90% of Millennial women. We know how to engage families at every stage of parenting, from pregnancies to teenagers and everything in between. Through this connection, we anchor our content marketing strategies in data, from ideation to completion.