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Search Engine Optimization

How do you know your content will be seen by the right people?

When done well, content should provide answers to your customers’ questions. And when customers have questions, where do they go? According to research,  nearly 60% of them  turn to search engines, like Google. This is actually great for marketers because all of this online activity gives us a lot of data on the terms customers are using when they conduct research about purchases they intend to make. In search terms, this is called Informational  Intent.

To increase the chances of content being seen, it needs to reflect those terms so that consumers can find it when they conduct their search queries. That’s basically how SEO works. Sounds simple right? It is, except doing it well so your page ranks above all the others and takes the converted number 1 on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), is not so easy.

Foundry 360: combining best practices for SEO & content marketing

We understand how SEO and content marketing work together and why optimization is such an important factor for driving traffic to a specific piece of content. While we are not a specialist SEO agency, we do have a deep understanding of SEO and its importance for your brand and the content that’s created for your owned and operated channels. Our experience in this field comes from optimizing informational websites, like our own, which drive between 80% and 90% of their traffic from SEO by adopting an audience-first approach to creating and publishing content.

Benefits of adopting an SEO-first approach to your content marketing strategy

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