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Financial Content Marketing Expertise

About Our Financial Content Marketing Practice

As financial content marketing specialists rooted in a consumer media company, Dotdash Meredith, we leverage Foundry 360’s content marketing expertise in service of financial clients through first-party audience insights and premium editorial storytelling. 

Financial services clients have been a bedrock to Foundry 360’s success for over a decade. Whether your content strategy needs a complete overhaul, an upgrade or a simple deliverable, our expert team is prepared to deliver groundbreaking solutions for both B2B and B2C initiatives.

  1. Content? This is what we do
    • We come from a family of editorial brands designed and programmed to anticipate audience intent. We answer real consumer questions and help them achieve more across the lifestyle spectrum. We have an unrelenting focus on engaging with our audiences through the highest quality websites, magazines, and videos—all day, every day. This is in our DNA and it informs all of the work we do for our content clients.  
    • Great content is only valuable if it helps you reach your business goals. We start by developing a deep understanding of your brand, your business, your audience, and what you want to achieve. We then craft an approach designed to build connections with your audiences and to drive the specific actions, perceptions, or behaviors you're looking for—across your priority channels. 
    • We offer a full suite of content solutions across any channel, platform, and format. From social-first videos to long-form articles, complex infographics to quick-hitting listicles, thought leadership to financial life hacks—custom or licensed from our own portfolio —we’re focused on delivering the right mix for your very particular needs. 
    • Don’t take our word for it. Our content is respected, recognized, and highly awarded. See how our work has helped brands like yours. 
  1. We understand finance and audiences across the wealth spectrum
    • From retail banking to institutional banking to small-business banking, we have 20+ years of experience covering every financial topic for both global brands and regional banks alike. 
    • Dotdash Meredith’s intent-based first-party data gives us perspective into the intersection of money and life. From planning for retirement to buying a first home, household budgeting to portfolio diversification, Dotdash Meredith's audience behavior datapoints provide us with a foundation for understanding how the American consumer makes financial decisions. 
    • We share your goal of increasing financial literacy and helping consumers become smarter with their money, as well as providing the latest insights to the most sophisticated corporate financial officers. Our content is designed to assist you as you help your customers achieve their goals and make smarter, more informed financial decisions. 
  1. We deliver the best possible client experience.
    • Our clients love working with us because we work hard to make it easy for them to deploy content that drives engagement and results. Our average client tenure is 7+ years.
    • We’re reliable. We’re clear about our processes, and hold ourselves accountable for meeting or exceeding the expectations we’ve set. 
    • We’re responsive to client objectives and to the realities of sometimes-evolving requirements. We’re flexible, structuring your engagement to best align with your needs. Our dedicated account teams can function as an extension of your internal marketing team, or fill in the gaps where you have them.
    • We have high standards for the quality of our deliverables and we streamline the entire process from concept to deployment.
    • We understand that you are in a highly-regulated industry and the legal and compliance hurdles you face to activate a content marketing campaign. And we lean into that experience to anticipate your internal (and the overall regulatory) requirements to help you get to market faster. 
  1. Like your organization, we’re goal-oriented.
    • Your business goals—awareness, consideration, engagement, conversion—are ours. Every project is rooted in a clear understanding of what we’re trying to achieve and how we’ll measure our success. 
    • We listen first and then dive deep into your business to align on the right structure for the project to ensure that our work performs and moves the needle for your company.
    • Content is most valuable when it is strategically designed to perform for your brand and hit established KPIs. We know this because campaign measurement is a component of each and every project we develop.
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