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Turning Cereal Boxes Into Video Screens To Drive Unprecedented Engagement


How do you turn a cereal box into a TV network? You turn to Foundry 360.

Mornings are crazy. We could all use a 60-second moment of Zen. Enter Keep It K,  a trailblazing collaboration between Special K and Dotdash Meredith brands.


Keep It K is…

  • An entertainment-driven 18-episode video series that inspires Special K consumers to have a simpler, more meaningful day.
  • Launched by swiping your phone over a smart code found on select boxes of Special K
  • A seamless blend of original and existing Dotdash Meredith videos from our top brands (including Shape, Real Simple, Eating Well, and Better Homes and Gardens)
  • Designed to drive viewers to a Special K-branded mini-site that features more Dotdash Meredith content; this content supports four Special K tentpoles:
  • Move More: Get more activity in your day
  • Feel Good: Stress less and enjoy life
  • Live Easy: Simplify your everyday
  • Eat Well: Enjoy simple, healthy, real foods

Each episode of Keep It K includes:

  • Customized host intro with Keep It K graphics and product integration
  • Introduction to a specific topic—such as why you’re probably not getting enough sleep
  • Existing Dotdash Meredith video on simple, smart sleep strategies (example: How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Sleep Sanctuary” from the editors of Real Simple)
  • Customized host outro with additional tips and ideas
  • End card that drives viewers to the Keep It K mini-site for more relevant content, including:
    • Interactive Quizzes
    • Meal Plans
    • Videos
    • Recipes
    • Articles
    • Slideshows


The program exceeded benchmarks and client expectations. Due to client confidentiality we are unable to release specific metrics.

However, we drove among the highest consumer engagement we’ve seen on video-based solutions.

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