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Content Solutions to Inspire Healthful Diet and Lifestyle Changes


Increase consumer engagement with MDVIP’s consumer-facing wellness portal. Provide actionable solutions to help MDVIP members achieve their health and wellness goals. Develop actionable tools to help physicians educate patients about diet and nutrition.


A wellness-focused content solution designed to help members eat better, move more, and learn tips for aging well. Foundry 360 created condition-specific content suites powered by licensed content from iconic Dotdash Meredith brands, including Eating Well, Health, and Real Simple. These content suites inspire healthful diet and lifestyle changes for people looking to lose weight as well as people with diabetes, high cholesterol or blood pressure, osteoporosis, and other specific health or diet-specific concerns, such as celiac disease.


Yearly renewals and the ongoing development of new content suites—which include recipes, health-focused articles, and more than 50 meal plans.

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