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Building Understanding Around Insurance

Learn how Foundry 360’s content marketing experts helped build understanding around insurance in California.


Covered California, a health insurance marketplace, was struggling to explain the benefits of having insurance and the subsidies available to low-income California residents.  They wanted to develop a way to communicate the benefits of having health insurance, while consumers were going through the process of researching it.


  • Foundry 360 created a comprehensive content marketing strategy that clearly segmented the various audience types, identified their changes in need states and specific challenges relating to buying and paying for health insurance.
  • Created customer personas and customer journeys to understand the pain points around buying insurance.
  • We used highly engaging content written in accessible, jargon-less language to answer common questions about healthcare and personal health insurance.
  • Utilized SEO research to identify the terms customers were researching, and best practices for creating content that helped educate customers, while they were on their individual journeys.


  • Foundry 360 developed and launched a robust content experience on that featured a mixture of custom articles and infographic treatments.
  • The content was promoted by a paid media campaign that featured native ads, promotional units and standard media.
  • The content was further promoted organically through Covered California’s social media and email marketing campaigns.
  • Since launch we’ve seen the content deliver a 4x increase in organic traffic, 50% increase on time on site and pages per session.




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