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Building Advocacy For Telehealth


COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of telehealth and telemedicine services amongst consumers. This has created a huge growth opportunity for companies such as Smile Direct Club, which offer medical / healthcare services remotely to demonstrate category leadership. However, much more needs to be done to demystify the process and overcome consumer concerns around issues such as privacy, security & service expectations.


Foundry 360 developed a clear and concise content marketing strategy to underpin a program that helps to contextualize, simplify, and provide consumers with clear answers to their questions and concerns they have around telehealth. We identified and segmented core audiences to target early adaptors of telehealth services. Used primary and secondary data to understand consumer concerns that are acting as barriers to adoption and develop an editorial line up to address them. We also built a dedicated hub to house multiple pieces of content in a variety of formats including, articles, video. Infographics that drive business results across multiple pieces of content that work across owned, earned, and paid channels. As well as executed a media plan that targets earlier adopters of telehealth across Dotdash Meredith owned media

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