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Foundry 360 Receives Four Nominations in Folio Magazine’s Eddie & Ozzie Awards

Foundry 360 and Bank of America received four nominations in Folio Magazine’s 2021 Eddie & Ozzie Awards, a renowned event recognizing the impressive work within the publishing community across various award categories.  

The work we did together with our clients at Bank of America brought home recognition in multiple categories such as, Video in Custom/Content Marketing and, Immersive/Interactive Storytelling Campaign. Foundry 360 is ecstatic to be considered for these distinguished awards, as the work showcases the collaboration with our client that goes into ensuring the success of these campaigns. 

John von Brachel, SVP, content marketing executive, Bank of America, “For us, awards are really about validation of the audience-first approach we take, when creating content. I’m delighted for both teams that these programs have been nominated and look forward to seeing the final results.” 

See below for a complete list of Foundry 360’s nominations.

Editorial Use of Data in Consumer/Custom Content Marketing

Merrill / Bank of America, Gender Lens Investing AMP

Immersive / Interactive Storytelling Campaign

Merrill / Bank of America - Gender Lens Investing AMP 

Single Article in Custom / Content Marketing

Merrill, Hydrogen

Video in Custom / Content Marketing

Bank of America - $1BN initiative 

For a full list of the finalists, see here.

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