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Reframe Announces an Alliance with Foundry 360 to Deliver Culturally Inclusive Customer Experiences at Scale with America’s Premier Content Marketing Agency Backed by America’s Largest Digital & Print Publisher

Now Foundry 360 clients can leverage Reframe’s inclusive content marketing services to develop modern, authentic, and audience-centric storytelling.

A Content Marketer’s Reminder Amid Twitter Turbulence

The uncertainty at Twitter is a great lesson for content marketers that we shouldn’t forget our time-tested content basics.

Think Outside the Box: How to Deploy Counterintuitive Content Marketing Tactics

Develop a content strategy that specifically pertains to your business and marketing objectives, even if it goes against the grain.

Marketing Strategy & Development

Finally, brands can tap into a single partner that builds inclusive customer & employee strategy with insights that inform award-winning content at scale.

Foundry 360 and Reframe have joined forces to offer brands a holistic approach – covering strategy, content development and activation – to deliver inclusive experiences with audience-first content that modernizes the outdated practice of separate “general market and multicultural marketing”.

Why You Need a Content Marketing Specialist, and How to Choose One That’s Right for Your Needs

Never go to your doctor when what you really need is a dentist.

The Content That Keeps on Winning

Five Things We Learned At Content Marketing World

After attending this year’s Content Marketing World, we’ve decided to share this wealth of knowledge gleaned and list the top tips, trends, and insights we took home with us.

Content & Public Relations Agencies: Here’s How to Ensure a Collaborative & Productive Relationship

Content & PR agencies don’t have to be frenemies. Based on our experience, we’re cut from the same cloth, but, just where do the two diverge?

4 Tips for Creating Content in Volatile Times

An unsettled landscape calls for smart content. Here are some ways to keep talking to your customers no matter what the world is doing.

Top 5 Effective E-Newsletter Tactics for Brands

Don’t underestimate the power of the e-newsletter. Level up your email marketing strategy, get into their inbox and stay top of mind with these five tricks.

Does Your Content Say What You Hope It Does?

Explore the top four content elements that can help your healthcare content marketing strategy.

Customized Versus Personalized Marketing Communications

What’s the difference? Which one serves your brand best?

How Smart Marketers Are Combating Inflation

Worried about how rising prices might impact your marketing efforts? Read on.

The 5 Best Practices for Choosing Visuals That Are Truly Inclusive

Consumers — all consumers — want to see themselves reflected in your brand’s imagery. Here’s how to make sure your visuals represent your brand’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

The Top 5 Tools for Content Creation and Analysis

Every strong content marketing strategy combines art and science, but what if a third element is at play? Bring technology into the mix for a formidable approach. Check out our favorite tools below!

Why Content Licensing Makes So Much Sense for Health Care Marketers

The top three reasons why licensed content should be in your health care content marketing mix

SEO in 2022 and Beyond

Digital marketing is characterized by constant and continuous change, but through it all, search engine optimization (SEO) remains among the most impactful components of any comprehensive online marketing strategy.

Content Marketing to Gen Z: Engaging a Multifaceted Consumer

Marketing to Gen Z is more important than ever, but capturing their attention in this competitive landscape is no small feat for content marketers.

Content Marketing Trends in 2022

Here are 10 emerging tactics—and best practices—that will be key this year.

Can Recipes Anchor a Content Strategy?

Creating content at scale to suit your consumers needs can be a challenge in the world of recipes. Set yourself apart from competitors by following our guide to a smartly-crafted content marketing program.

The eNewsletter Rises — Again

This now-classic communication tool is enjoying a resurgence and proving to be a content haven for readers, publishers, and brands alike.

Millie Featured On NBC Morning News Now

Misinformation Around Vaccines Is Winning the Content War. So, What We Can Learn From It?

The rules for health care messaging are tricky, but research from the past year can make us all a little wiser.

Does Your Content Look Like, Um, Content?

(PS: If It Doesn’t, Are People Engaging With It?)

Foundry 360 is Proud to Have Won Content Marketing World’s Agency of the Year

Foundry 360 Receives Four Nominations in Folio Magazine’s Eddie & Ozzie Awards

What Is a Content Stack? (And Why You Need One)

Content marketing can work effectively at every stage of the funnel and suit many purposes — provided you have a clearly defined strategy to help guide you.

Smart Marketers Rediscover Print

Two case studies prove that if you want to engage your consumers with an immersive “lean-back” content experience, nothing beats a print magazine.

Targeting Generation Z: Using Content to Create Trust, Truth and Honesty (Whatever You Do, Don’t Stereotype)

While there are many similarities between Gen Zers and millennials, the former can justifiably call themselves digital natives and accordingly conduct much of their lives online.

These Four Brands Prove There are Multiple Ways to Make the “Brand as Publisher” Model Work

Content marketing can be used to support the full customer journey but with proper planning marketers can scale programs to suit their needs and budgets

Foundry 360 Wins 6 Content Marketing Awards

Foundry 360 proudly announces a successful year at the 2021 Content Marketing Awards, raking in six awards as a result of F360’s creativity, endless momentum and strategic prowess.  The Content Marketing Awards, produced by the Content Marketing Institute, is the largest and longest-running international content marketing awards program in the world for content creation, distribution, and innovation.

Foundry 360 Finalist and Winner Award Recognition:

Winner – Best Content Marketing Program in Healthcare

Winner – Best Overall Editorial – Print

Winner - Best Use of a White Paper

Finalist – Integrated Content Marketing Program (Print / Digital Integration)

Finalist – Healthcare / Medical Publication (Distribution)

Finalist - Best Content Marketing Program in Financial Services

A full list of the 2021 Content Marketing Award category winners can be found here.

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