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Foundry 360 is Proud to Have Won Content Marketing World’s Agency of the Year

Part 2: Why Your Brand Needs a Content Strategy: Input & Outputs

We outline the five inputs needed to create an effective content strategy and show you how to organize your strategy into six clear sections.

What Does The Future Hold For Content Marketing?

Marketers have arguably never faced a more challenging set of circumstance than they faced over the past 12 months. Find out what we have learnt during that time and how you can apply those insights to your content marketing program.

Content Licensing

Finding compelling content shouldn’t be hard. Our licensed solutions make it easy. Power your digital, print, social, and point-of-care channels with premium content from America’s most influential brands. Driven by Meredith proprietary insights and audience data, our team of content strategists create customized licensed solutions that will resonate with your audience and motivate them to take action.



CRM & Email

GEICO Serves Homeowners with an Interactive Experience Designed to Keep Their Homes Safe

Matt Petersen

Content is the currency of marketing.

George Baer III

Make sure you think how your customer’s life intersects with your product and 
not how your product intersects with them.

Diane di Costanzo

If your brand is lucky enough to engage with consumers, don’t show up and talk about yourself. Listen, offer value, be human.

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Foundry 360 is a BAI Global Innovation Award Finalist

We are proud to announce that we have been named a finalist in BAI’s Global Innovation Awards for our brand partnership with Synchrony Bank!

Foundry 360 and Smile Direct Club ponder telehealth’s post-pandemic future.

In September, SmileDirectClub, which sells teeth-aligners online, partnered with Meredith’s Foundry 360 content studio to launch Telehealth Explained, a mostly unbranded platform that provides information on telehealth offerings. The aim was to “explain to people what is available and normalize it,” says SmileDirectClub CMO John Sheldon. “We wanted to make sure that it wasn’t someone just shoving a product down their throat. We worked hard to be pretty subtle about our brand in that mix.”


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