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Heads Up! Balancing Information and Creativity to Help Schools Control Lice


Foundry 360 was tasked to create a resource for school nurses and pediatrician offices to educate parents on lice detection and treatment. We knew we had to balance being informative, yet sensitive since lice detection and prevention is a sensitive topic. Our strategies, therefore, centered on highly customized targeting and a unique creative approach.


We created a bilingual flip mini-magazine called Heads Up! about head lice, its detection, and proper treatment. An informative letter was sent directly to school nurses about NIX and how to treat a lice outbreak. The pamphlets were distributed via prequalified elementary school nurses’ offices during back-to-school season and pediatrician offices. Pediatricians also received a highly-stylized custom letter that drives online for more product information.



Due to client confidentiality, we are unable to share specific results with this campaign.

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