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Paw Print – The Nation’s Largest Circulation Magazine Dedicated to Owners of Dogs AND Cats


The American fascination with pets continues to grow at a steady clip – in fact, the market has experienced a 31% growth over the past 5 years—with another 28% expected by 2023. The role of pets has also evolved, with the younger generations viewing pets akin to children and friends, worthy of spoiling and sharing experiences with. To date, there is not a national brand, at scale, that is successfully delivering both service and entertainment content to this audience through the specific lens of ‘pets as family.’


Meredith answered the call to feed this audience with the information they want and need by launching DailyPaws.com, a website dedicated to everything pet. Based on the success of this website, Meredith’s Foundry 360 – in partnership with Mars Petcare as the programs exclusive pet food sponsor, launched Paw Print, a 48-page magazine that is delivered to over 1,000,000 families that own BOTH a dog and a cat – making it the largest print magazine in the pet category


  • Magazine name – Paw Print Selected based upon insights from a consumer panel
  • Edit topics –Data-driven by most read categories from Dailypaws.com
  • Unparalleled engagement –Zero waste circulation. Paw Print will be directly mailed to Meredith’s most engaged readers that own BOTH a dog and a cat.


Launch Frequency & Circulation:

  • May 2010 2021: 1,000,000 copies
  • September 2021: 1,250,000 copies


Editorial Content Strategy

  • Intent: Health, behavior, and care content tailored to the questions and needs of pet parents
  • Inspiration: Pet-centric lifestyle content that taps into the desires of pet parents with ways to make their homes and their pets lives better
  • Social: User-generated content: via photo contests and solicited stories about pet/owner relationships
  • News: News for pet parents and viral-worthy news about animals living their best life
  • Entertaining Fun Facts: Entertaining pet and animal content curated through the lens of living their best life


Both issues in 2021 will be measured for sales lift via an NCS study. In addition, we will be monitoring reader engagement via select readership panels.

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