We Are Foundry 360.

Our Content Can Do That

BY Isabel Tibbetts

This now-classic communication tool is enjoying a resurgence and proving to be a content haven for readers, publishers, and brands alike.

BY Jason Anthony

The rules for health care messaging are tricky, but research from the past year can make us all a little wiser.

WHAT CAN Foundry 360 DO FOR YOU?
BY Diane Dicostanzo

Two case studies prove that if you want to engage your consumers with an immersive “lean-back” content experience, nothing beats a print magazine.

BY Dan Rubin

Event Marketing has changed forever. Learn how to adapt to a new normal and how events, both physical and virtual, now intersects with content marketing. Hybrid events are here to stay.

BY Mark Marvel

Siri and Alexa usher in a new digital frontier—and a new way for brands to reach their audiences.

What do artificial intelligence, content to commerce and voice search have in common? They’re just some of the ways brands will click with consumers in the years ahead.