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Marketers have arguably never faced a more challenging set of circumstance than they faced over the past 12 months. Find out what we have learnt during that time and how you can apply those insights to your content marketing program.

BY Julie Anne Russell and George Baer III

Yes, it can give your company the upper hand in a content-driven world. But making it fit requires putting your audience first.

WHAT CAN Foundry 360 DO FOR YOU?
BY Mark Marvel

Siri and Alexa usher in a new digital frontier—and a new way for brands to reach their audiences.

BY Diane di Costanzo and Dan Rubin

Kudos to brands who, at the very start of the pandemic, executed a pivot away from the promotional and toward the practical.

What do artificial intelligence, content to commerce and voice search have in common? They’re just some of the ways brands will click with consumers in the years ahead.

BY Diane di Costanzo and Dan Rubin

Meredith surveys moms about what they love—and do not love—about branded messaging during the pandemic.

BY Diane di Costanzo and Dan Rubin

Rapid response content becomes critical at a time of changing consumer needs.

BY Diane di Costanzo and Dan Rubin

How COVID-19 is forcing marketers to adapt their content and campaigns.

BY Diane di Costanzo and Dan Rubin

“Great idea. But how are we going to actually make the content?”