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The Future of Event Marketing in the Post-Covid Era

Event Marketing has changed forever. Learn how to adapt to a new normal and how events, both physical and virtual, now intersects with content marketing. Hybrid events are here to stay.

The Most Important Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy: Developing the KPIs

Without a clear understanding of what you are setting out to achieve, measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing is near impossible. You can fix this problem by following these simple steps.

Confused by the Term ‘Brand Voice’? Read On to Learn More About This Key Component of Content Marketing Strategy

Following our simple guide will help you to better understand the differences between terms like voice and tone, and why it’s important to define your right to voice and the content pillars for your program.

Foundry 360 Launches Paw Print Magazine Tailored for Cat and Dog Owners

Your Brand as an Advocate

Why Consumers Want Brands to Speak to Purpose—Not Just Product

Insights and Inspiration from a 21st-Century Bank

Part 1: Why Your Brand Needs a Content Strategy (and How to Get One)

A content strategist shares his tips for creating the foundation of an effective content program. In Part 1 below we share a behind the scenes look at creating a successful content strategy. Part 2 describes the inputs and outputs.

4 of the Biggest Healthcare Trends CVS Health Says to Watch In 2021

Custom or Licensed Content: Which One Is Right for You?

Is the Brand-as-Publisher Model Right for You?

Yes, it can give your company the upper hand in a content-driven world. But making it fit requires putting your audience first.

Voice on the Rise

Siri and Alexa usher in a new digital frontier—and a new way for brands to reach their audiences.

Foundry 360 Produces Award-Winning Content for Bank of America Across Multiple Channels

Power Your Owned & Operated Channels With Premium Content From Iconic Meredith Brands

Food & Agriculture

Foundry 360 has deep content expertise & multi-year relationships servicing food and agriculturally focused companies. Born out of Dotdash Meredith’s longest published magazine, Successful Farming, Foundry 360 is rooted firmly in the farming sector, thus creating: Foundry 360 Food & Agriculture. With 40+ brands in our wheelhouse, we’re well-equipped to deliver award-winning content to suit your food and ag content marketing needs.

Paw Print – The Nation’s Largest Circulation Magazine Dedicated to Owners of Dogs AND Cats

Fisher-Price’s Magalog Reimagined for a New Generation of Parents

Foundry 360 Tells the Stories that Fascinate, Inspire and Celebrate the People of Massachusetts General Hospital

Lincoln Redefines Luxury for a New Generation of Auto Owners

Luxury Content Marketing that Engages a High-Net-Worth Audience

Marketing to a Country in Crisis: Above All, Be Useful

Kudos to brands who, at the very start of the pandemic, executed a pivot away from the promotional and toward the practical.

Marketing: 5 Trends for a New Decade

What do artificial intelligence, content to commerce and voice search have in common? They’re just some of the ways brands will click with consumers in the years ahead.

AI-Powered Data and Content Creation

Voice Search Optimization

Impactful Short Films

Content to Commerce

A Geo-Targeted Point-of-Care Solution To Help Launch a New Product

Building Advocacy For Telehealth

Creating Awareness and Retention By Providing Actionable Information For Child Nutrition

Specialized Publications to Reach New & Expectant Moms

Deploying a Robust, Digital Content Platform to Keep Association Members Informed & Connected

Ford Continues to Foster a Deep Connection with Their Consumers

Social-First Videos Garner Gen Z’s Attention for Five Below Product

Content Solutions to Inspire Healthful Diet and Lifestyle Changes

NSB’s Visitors Guide Inspires Travelers to Plan a Sunny, Beachy Getaway

The Move From Digital to IRL Experiences

Original Content Creation

Foundry 360 applies its editorial and journalistic pedigree to create expressive, immersive brand storytelling to elevate awareness and achieve business goals. Our process is anchored in audience insights that uncover the intersections between interests and passions to create content that engages, entertains, and educates to drive behavior action. Importantly, our content works equally for audiences and businesses alike. We drive the business outcomes our clients require and their consumers expect from leading brands.

Content & Marketing Strategy

With access to With access to Dotdash Meredith’s robust proprietary insights into the minds of consumers, Foundry 360 can assist you in developing full marketing and content strategy for your company or brand. From complete overhauls of existing content strategies to imaginative and transformative content consulting services, we drive strategic thinking that puts organizations on a path toward success.

Animation Studio

An effective message takes the right, creative approach. Foundry 360 houses a state-of-the-art animation studio that brings a fresh approach to your video-based content strategies and solutions, delivering inspiring and creative solutions to all mediums.


Voice and audio are among the fastest growing marketing mediums with ever increasing adoption by users. A voice strategy and a robust test-and-learn plan is essential to reaching and engaging consumers. From podcasts to search, the future of content strategies involve voice, and we craft voice-skill strategies tied to content-led campaigns. Don’t leave Alexa, Google Home or Siri out of your plans—it’s how your customers find information.

Social Content

Social is a mirror into the pulse of culture. Our passion, curiosity and expertise can help drive your presence in this ever-evolving channel, as we specialize in building social-first content strategies for our partners.

Using Sampling Best Practices to Drive Awareness and Trial

A Holiday Specific Portfolio Geo Targeted Solution for Kimberly-Clark

Heads Up! Balancing Information and Creativity to Help Schools Control Lice

Vibrant, Healthy Recipes for Cancer Treatment and Recovery

U.S. Forest Service Follows a Family as They Discover the Natural Wonders of the Forest…in New York City

Targeted Email Blasts to Expecting Mothers

Easy-to-Navigate Recipe Search Experience

Foundry 360 Invented Proto, Massachusetts General Hospital’s Multi-Platform Content Program

Social-First Videos Garner Gen Z’s Attention for Five Below Product

Ford Continues to Foster a Deep Connection with Their Consumers

Turning Cereal Boxes Into Video Screens To Drive Unprecedented Engagement

USFS Follows a Family as They Discover the Natural Wonders of the Forest … in New York City

Insights and Inspiration from a 21st-Century Bank

Marketing to A Country In Crisis: How Women Are Feeling About Money Right Now—And What They Want to Hear From Financial Firms

Marketing to a Country in Crisis: What Do Moms Want to Hear from Brands Right Now?

Meredith surveys moms about what they love—and do not love—about branded messaging during the pandemic.

Connecting with Savers. First-Person Stories. Informative Videos.

We Found Owners. We Told Their Stories. We Sold Trucks.

Matt Barba

Paschal Fowlkes

Renée Lauber

David Matt

It all starts with the story. If the story isn’t great or if it’s not human, then it’s just not going to get attention.

Dan Rubin

“Quote goes here lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, choro semper, persius feugait intellegat ut eos volumus.”

Your Brand’s Content for a Country in Crisis: Rapid Response

Rapid response content becomes critical at a time of changing consumer needs.

Marketing to a Country in Crisis

How COVID-19 is forcing marketers to adapt their content and campaigns.

Marketing to a Country in Crisis: Getting Content Out the Door From Behind Closed Doors

“Great idea. But how are we going to actually make the content?”

A Turnkey Recipe Solution Customized for Health & Wellness

Creating an 8-Page Magazine to Build Brand Loyalty For New Moms

Simplifying Workplace Wellness by Keeping Your Employees Healthy, Happy & Informed

Helping Target Deliver Their Message to 1.75 Million Moms

Combining Email, Shopper and Content Marketing for Pedialyte

Driving Trial and Results Through Onsert Media Solutions

Using Content Marketing Techniques for Patient Support

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