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It all starts with the story. If the story isn’t great or if it’s not human, then it’s just not going to get attention.

Dan Rubin

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Your Brand’s Content for a Country in Crisis: Rapid Response

Rapid response content becomes critical at a time of changing consumer needs.

Nearly every brand’s marketing plans changed as the coronavirus swept across America. At Foundry 360, we were tasked with rethinking strategies, channels, and the content itself in order to position brands in the best light—as thought leaders, as philanthropic, and as responsive to consumers’ changing needs.

Across our client base, the medical and financial sectors felt an especially acute urgency to publish content that reflected a vastly changed landscape. Here are early examples of content produced by Foundry 360 for some of our clients—some of it within 24 hours of the assignment.

1. WHO:

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has partnered with Foundry 360 to produce the Proto content platform for more than 15 years. Proto magazine and protomag.com are award-winning channels, publishing content “at the frontiers of medicine” that makes science, disease and medical technology understandable for lay audiences, while also celebrating MGH’s groundbreaking research and researchers.


“When Will We Get a COVID-19 Vaccine?” is an interview with Dan Barouch, an infectious disease specialist at the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard and director of the Center for Virology and Vaccine Research at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. His team’s focus was switched to COVID-19 at the first of the year, even as news of the novel virus was just coming in from China. This fascinating Q&A explains the vaccines—and their timelines—that are still in the labs. Hot off the digital press is an article that looks at how hospitals are devising their own COVID-19 tests, called “No COVID-19 Tests? Let Us Make One.”

2. WHO:

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) is another long-time Foundry 360 partner. The government-funded special supplemental nutrition program for low-income families with young children relies on our team to develop content in English and Spanish. All content is uploaded to the WIC National Archive and used by State WIC Associations, as well as counties and individual clinics.


For its ability to quickly reach the WIC audience at scale, Foundry 360 is developing, curating and publishing content to the WIC Facebook page, providing links to answers and others resources on the web sites of WIC and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for example. Foundry 360 is also helping WIC National craft their weekly email briefings to all members.

3. WHO:

Synchrony Bank and Foundry 360 collaborate on the bank’s Money Matters blog, which promotes financial literacy and offers insights and advice.


Investing in a Bear Market” was produced and published to give customers much-needed information about how to determine what to do as the stock market plummeted after 11 years of growth. Synchrony also licenses content from Meredith’s newly launched Millie brand, all about women and money. Here’s Millie’s advice on “action items for uncertain financial times.”

4. WHO:

Bank of America has partnered with Foundry 360 to create content for dozens of lines of business over the years—and across all channels, including podcasts, web sites, e-newsletters, social and more.


In response to the current crisis, Foundry 360 is working with groups across the bank on a rapid-response basis. We are helping them proactively communicate with clients, both by creating new content about the intersection between the pandemic and people’s financial lives and by revising existing content, which is being recontextualized for the current environment.

Look out for next week’s update for how Foundry 360 is helping clients we move through this crisis together. We wish you good health.

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